Oakland Township, MI

Caramel Chews

Our original Shurms Candy is a unique combination of delicious caramel and soft pectin candy.

Original Shurms come in caramel apple, caramel coffee, and caramel cherry flavors. Caramel apple Shurms will remind you of going to the cider mill with your family as a kid. All of those great sensations of a crisp fall day will come rushing back. Caramel coffee Shurms will remind you of that time that you couldn’t find any sugar for your coffee, so you dropped a caramel in out of desperation. And it was pretty good too, wasn’t it?  Caramel cherry will make you wonder why you haven't been dipping cherries in caramel all along.

shurms12 copyA caramel apple-flavored soft, chewy candy.

Caramel Apple Fishbowl Header

Shurms Caramel Cherry Logo smallerA caramel cherry-flavored soft, chewy candy.

Caramel Cherry Fishbowl Header